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EPF supports protection of forests, wildlife habitats in seven provinces

The Environmental Protection Fund (EPF) has forecast a budget of over 188 billion kip to support its environmental protection activities in seven target provinces of the country.
The provinces are Huaphan, Luang Prabang, Khammuan, Luang Namtha, Savannakhet, Xieng Khuang and Bokeo, all of which have ample natural resources and valuable preserved wildlife habitats, according to EPF officials.
The projects will run for five years from 2018 to 2023, focusing on protecting areas and enhancing protection measures to preserve watershed resources and provincial protected forest in the seven targets provinces.
The agreement for the projects was officially signed in Vientiane on Friday between President of the EPF office, Mr Khampadith Khammounheuang and EPF representatives from the seven target provinces.
He said the government has decided to fund its environmental protection activities in target provinces under the EPF. 

“We are supporting eight projects in seven target provinces of the country. The projects support the government’s policy reform agenda towards improved environmental management,” he said.
“This includes encouraging and supporting the strict implementation of policies, laws, and regulations on the environment,” he added.
The projects consist of the strengthening of collaborative management of Nam Xam National Protected Area in Huaphan province as well as the Phoupheung-Phouphathou-Tad Kuangxi Provincial Protected Forest in Luang Prabang province.
Other projects include sustainable management of the Nam-In Phouhinleckfai Provincial Protected Forest in Khammuan; strengthening the collaborative management of Phousabot Poungchong  National  Protected Area  in Xieng Khuang province; managing land use in local communities and protecting natural resources in Paktha district of Bokeo province and Sing district of Luang Namtha province; and feasibility studies to strengthen the collaborative management of water resources in the Xethamoua area of Savannakhet province.
Mr Khampadith explained the projects aim to improve and promote environmental protection by providing relevant data and information, raising public awareness and providing education to citizens so they can recognise the importance of the environment in their daily lives including the use of land and water resources in local communities.
They will also examine the relationships between ‘developed’ and ‘developing’ societies, the roles played by various institutions within them and their effects on the processes of social, political, economic and environmental transformation.
According to the EPF, the fund was established in 2005 as a financially autonomous organisation to strengthen environmental protection, sustainable natural resources management, biodiversity conservation and community development in Laos.
The fund provides funding to manage trails and lands, protect natural resources, preserve wildlife habitats, make critical capital improvements about conservation, and provide access for local people.

By Phetphoxay Sengpaseuth
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February 26,

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