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Govt announces Three Build targets

The government has announced targets to build five to 10 provinces as strategic units with each province to create two to five comprehensively strengthened districts by 2020.

Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith recently issued an order detailing the targets after the government learnt that progress had been slow in building provinces as strategic units and districts as comprehensively strengthened units.

Since 2011, the government has been implementing the Resolution adopted by the 9th Party Congress, which included the Three Builds devolution directive. The directive seeks to build provinces as strategic units, districts as comprehensively strengthened units, and villages as development units.

However, work carried out in recent years has been undertaken only at the village level in 109 villages selected to pilot the directive, the prime minister stated in the order. He noted that this work had not been earnestly carried out in provinces and districts.

Mr Thongloun has instructed Vientiane and the provinces to draw up five-year, 10-year and 15-year measures to build the capital and the provinces as strategic units and define clear work responsibilities and benefits for districts, to create conditions that enable districts to become comprehensively strengthened units.

Seven strategic goals have been set for provinces. These include becoming strategic units in Party and personnel building, developing state administration and governance systems that are strictly ruled by law, and becoming strategy planners to drive national socio-economic development.

Five strengths are set for a district to achieve, including being comprehensively strengthened in Party and personnel building, having state administration and governance that is strictly ruled by law, and ensuring the effective protection, utilisation and management of natural resources and the environment.

At least five to 10 provinces must be built as strategic units by 2020 and each province must be able to create two to five districts that are comprehensively strengthened units by that year.

The prime minister instructed districts to ensure that two thirds of the villages in each district are upgraded and certified as developed villages by 2020.

He told the relevant authorities to re-evaluate the status of villages that were previously certified as developed to ensure they still meet the set criteria.

The authorities were asked to continue to merge small scattered villages into large ones and to group large villages into small towns, based on their potential.

Mr Thongloun said that by 2020 each district must strive to build one or two small towns by merging large villages to create at least 213 small new towns nationwide.

These targets are seen as constituting the most concrete agenda ever outlined for the authorities to attain.

Mr Thongloun instructed ministries, provinces and Vientiane to translate the Prime Ministerial Order and the Politburo's Resolution on the Three Builds into a detailed work plan that could be effectively realised.

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