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Lao position unchanged on resolving border dispute, senior official says

The Lao position is firm in pursuit of resolving the outstanding border dispute with Cambodia through peaceful means in line with the principle-based approach that the governments of the two countries have agreed upon, a senior government official has said.
Addressing hundreds of officials in a meeting in Vientiane yesterday, Deputy Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism SavankhoneRazmountry recalled four-point principles both governments agreed to in 1995 to undertake to demarcate the shared border.
The principles are as follows:
1) On the basis of recognising connected borders and territories inherited from the colonial era in accordance with 1/100,000 scale maps and other relevant maps published by the Service Géographique de l’Indochine between the years 1933-1953.
2) On the basis of the universally-recognised principles on border delineation.
3) On the basis of effective control by the people inherited through generations.
4) On the basis of equality, fairness, reasonability, flexibility, respect for rights and interests of each other and full consensus.
“These are the four principles the two governments have agreed upon,” MrSavankhone told participants at the Culture Hall. Hundreds of the officials from the information, culture and tourism sector attended the half-day meeting which updated them on the situation on the Laos-Cambodia border.
Laos and Cambodia share a border of a distance of 535 km. As of 2017, some 87 percent of the shared border has been completely surveyed with 121 markers installed.
Laos and Cambodia still have differing views over the remaining 13 percent of the shared border that both sides need to work together to resolve.
Given that differences remain, governments of the two countries have agreed that no activities or no facility development be conducted in the disputed areas unless an agreement is reached and demarcation in the area is completed.
MrSavankhone underlined Laos’ position that adheres to the four-point principles and related agreements both sides have agreed upon to pursue resolving the sensitive issue.
He touched upon the view of the Lao side that resolving the disputed areas require leadership of the two countries to fulfil their commitment and agreements they have reached.
“We have endeavoured to resolve the issue through peaceful means in line with the policy and guideline of the Party avoiding armed confrontation and violence as it would cause tremendous loss of life and property,” he said. The deputy minister added that confrontation and violence would also undermine both countries interests in the international and regional arena.
MrSavankhone recalled that Laos and Cambodia have long enjoyed good relations, friendship and solidarity with peoples of the two neighbours joining hands in the fight for national independence against the same foreign invaders.
Such good relations have been developed and cherished constantly. Both sides have extended mutual support and assistances.
Leaders and peoples of the two countries have maintained regular visits strengthening their mutual trust.
Laos shares borders with five countries with China to the north at the distance of 505km; with Vietnam to the East at 2,069 km; with Thailand to the west totalling 1,835 km; with Myanmar to the west at 236 km in distance and with Cambodia to the south.
Border demarcation has been completed between Laos and China, Laos and Myanmar as well as Laos and Vietnam.
Laos and Thailand have completed 37 percent of border demarcation.

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