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Lao satellite should help with low cost services

Officials from the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunication recently replied to questions among members of the public asking about the potential benefits for them after the first Lao satellite was launched into space a few months ago.

The Department of Telecommunications under the ministry said there were various things that Lao people would benefit from after the satellite launch and the most important is they would like society to utilise its service systems.

About four months after the launching LaoSAT-1 satellite, there were a lot of comments from members of the public asking the government side whether they would benefit from the cheaper cost of internet services in Laos.

Then Vientiane Times brought the questions to the ministry last week.

Director General of the Lao Satellite project under the Telecommunications Department Dr Phouluang Kanolath, who is a representative of the government side, answered that now that Laos has its own satellite, the prices for internet should go down as the providers will no longer have to pay rental from other satellites.

“We would like local people in society to access the real service systems of the LaoSAt-1 satellite,” he explained.

The government received LaoSAT-1's In-Orbit Delivery and witnessed the opening of the Lao Asia-Pacific Satellite Company Limited last week.

The ministry also reported that the telecommunications sector in Laos will have more convenience after Laos got the satellite, including high quality services in Information Communication Technology which will cover every area in Laos, including remote areas where fiber optic cables do not reach.

These services will include Direct To Home (DTH), Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT), National Emergency Communications Network (NECN), Television Production Centre (TVPC), International Gateway Station (IGS), and Wireless Broadband Cognitive Networks (WBCN) which serve the internet in the present day by using the Time-Division-Long Term Evolution (TD- LTE) 4G system.

Dr Phouluang said there are a lot of services which will be made possible by the satellite, aiming to make it easier than today in regards to communication between the remote areas and central provinces or the capital, including e-learning and e-medical services.

The LaoSAT-1 satellite represents a new technology for Laos which can help further the country's socio-economic development and boost the quality of telecommunications in Laos.

In November 2015, the LaoSAT-1 satellite was launched into space and until now the experiments relating to the satellite's technical capabilities have proved it is fully functional for telecommunications.

The satellite was launched from China into the 128.5 degrees East orbital slot, which has been specifically allocated to Laos.

The satellite launch is part of the government's efforts to propel the country towards industrialisation and employ advanced technology for telecommunications.



By Souknilundon Southivongnorath
(Latest Update March 18, 2016)

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