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Lao Front agrees on plan of work for 2018

The Lao Front for National Development’s Committee approved by-elected and additional members, advisors on economics and law, and the work plan for this year, at its plenary meeting last week.
The meeting was attended by 260 Lao Front Committee members.
They agreed to enlarge activities planned to celebrate the Front’s 68th anniversary this year.
Members also agreed on preparations for this year’s Lao Front Standing Committee plenary meeting, national meeting of eminent persons, and the Front’s 70th anniversary celebrations in 2020.

The implementation of joint projects agreed upon between the Lao Front, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Ministry of Health, Unicef and the World Food Organisation was included in the Committee’s plans.
Presiding over the meeting, Lao Front President Dr Xaysomphone Phomvihane represented the Politburo in giving advice to the Committee on the direction it should take.
He referred to the Lao Front’s anniversary this year, saying celebrations should be toned down and in keeping with the government’s austerity policy.
Building families and villages of solidarity and conciliation would continue to be a main focus of the Committee’s activities this year.
Dr Xaysomphone called for progress to be made in implementing the Memorandum of Understanding signed with the Phongsavanh Group on building families and villages of solidarity and conciliation with the aim of reducing poverty in Longxan district, Xaysomboun province.
“The Committee must mobilise people in target communities to participate in activities that bring real benefits at the grassroots level,” he said.
Village development funds were also discussed. Dr Xaysomphone called on the Front’s provincial offices to assess the suitable size of these for each province and called for voluntary participation by local people in jointly managing and benefitting from their efforts to fight poverty.
He asked the Committee’s newly elected members, the Economic Advisors Committee and the Law Advisors Committee to make plans in accordance with their assigned role.
Dr Xaysomphone urged committee members to be models of self-development by learning about and following the Party’s directives and government policies, and the Resolution adopted by the Front’s Tenth Congress, and its charter.
Members should also use their knowledge to strengthen solidarity among the public, and mobilise people of different religions, genders, generations and class to be a force for the development of their neighbourhoods.
He also called for part-time members to participate more in the work of the Committee, such as by sourcing aid for people in remote areas during weather extremes and disease outbreaks.
Front offices at all levels were urged to instill political ideology in local communities in order to strengthen people’s solidarity, preserve their customs, and wipe out superstitious beliefs and other undesirable practices.
With regard to superstitious beliefs, Dr Xaysomphone said Committee members must push for gender equality and prevent men from taking advantage of women. He also said such beliefs mean that many people were fearful of having their children vaccinated.

He also called upon Committee members to do more to combat the distorted teachings of certain religious sects.

By Somxay Sengdara
(Latest Update
March 19,

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