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National Assembly to open third session

The third ordinary session of the National Assembly (NA)'s Eighth Legislature will take place on April 25 through May 18, with economic, financial, legislative, and judiciary issues to be topics of debate.

Head of the Secretariat of the NA Ms Suansavanh Vignaket hosted a press conference to relay the agenda to the media yesterday.


During the beginning of the session, the government will brief the key work implemented in the past six months and introduce the focuses in the plan to be implemented in the next six months.

The Minister of Planning and Investment will report to the session about the implementation of the National Socio-economic Development Plan over the whole of last year, while disseminating the plan for the upcoming year.

The session will hear about the implementation of the State Budget Plan over the three months of October, November and December 2016 in the transition from the old financial year to the new financial year which coincides with the Western calendar year.

The Ministry of Finance will also report to the session around the implementation of the Budget Plan over the first quarter of this year as well as the plan for the first six month s.

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce will report around the price management of goods, the impact of inflation and the exchange rate on production and living conditions, as well as perspectives and measures of addressing these issues.

The session will also consider and approve the report on activities of the State Audit Organisation (SAO) over the past five year (2012-2016) and the upcoming plan for 2017-2021. Consideration and approval of election of SAO president will take place at the upcoming session as well.

The implementation of the right to bring criminal actions and the participation of prosecutors into the lawsuits of past civil cases will be heard from the Office of Supreme People's Prosecutor at the session.

The Supreme People's Court will also report to the session about first instance trials and its appeals court.

The appointment of vice chairpersons of various committees of the NA will also take place at the session.

Five newly drafted laws will be introduced for debate at the session. Of them, two drafts in the financial sector, another two in the administrative and justice sector, while one is coming from the socio-cultural sector.

Eight amendment drafts to laws in administrative and justice, and economic-financial sectors will then be introduced for the consideration of NA members.

The session is expected to hear the explanation from concerned sectors in response to public concerns raised which have been raised through the NA's complaint channels.

The NA's Secretariat Head Ms Suansavanh Vignaket, taking the opportunity of the press conference, called on all members of public to follow the session and offer their concerns to through the previously mentioned complaint channels.

Members of the public can raise their concerns via the free NA hotline: 156, or by fax: 021 45 2627, mail: P.O Box: 662, and email: na_session@na.gov.la.




By Times Reporters
(Latest Update April 21, 2017)

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