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Party urges public participation in fight against corruption

Every Party and government organisation, the Lao Front for National Construction and other mass organisations, the mass media and the general public must actively combat autocracy and join the fight against corruption.

This was the call from the Party Central Committee to people across the nation, who were asked to participate in taking action against misconduct by Party and government officials.

The Party Central Committee on January 13 issued Resolution No. 22 on combating autocracy and corruption.

In the Resolution, the Party acknowledged that unregulated and ineffective use of resources, combined with weaknesses in planning and budget management, public debt, human resource development and personnel promotion that violated the Party's fundamental guiding principles, were related to an increasing number of autocratic incidents and corruption.

The Party cited poor guidance in making decisions without accurate analysis of problems and arriving at solutions that were not based on facts; careless monitoring, inspection and evaluation; and a failure to learn from past practice as being unacceptable.

In addressing these issues, the Party advised the use of multi-pronged approaches such as through education, administrative, legal and other measures. Every authority must be active in addressing such incidents and methods of operation.

The Party stressed that action against autocracy and corruption was the obligation and responsibility of civil servants of all categories, all organisations, and every member of the public.

Educating and building awareness of the consequences and dangers of selfish, autocratic and corrupt activities was strongly advised by the Party. Leading and managing officials at all levels were asked to take the lead in tackling the collapse in political ethics.

The Party called for the amendment of existing regulations and the enactment of new laws to prevent and address selfish ideology, autocratic methods and corruption, such as occurred in relations between the Party and the general public, and between Party committees and administrative bodies at each level. In its Resolution, the Party encouraged the enactment of regulations that promote democracy among lesser powers, the mass media and the public. This would enable them to express their opinions on the behaviour of Party members, civil servants, government employees, soldiers, and police officers, especially leading and managing officials.

The Party asked for concrete principles to be created that Party members, core officials and members of the National Assembly and local people's assemblies would be obliged to follow. Government officials at every level would be asked to evaluate their colleagues and superiors, in order to ensure and maintain confidence in the leadership of the Party and government at various levels.

Regulations should be made concerning the appropriate use of state vehicles and arrangement of guest receptions, and the suitable value of gifts given to various parties, with specific rules to be referred to.

The Party also called for regulations to be drawn up concerning land management and the extraction and use of natural resources, and the processes involved in bidding, procurement, and property maintenance that require expenditure of the state budget.



By Somxay Sengdara
(Latest Update
January 20,

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