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Road construction in Donnokkhoum behind schedule

The 11 km stretch of road construction from Donnokkhoum village in Sisattanak district to Nakhuay village in Xaysettha district is now about 65 percent complete.

The road slated is actually 11.66 km long and its construction has come at a cost of more than US$76 million, or over 600 billion kip, of which has been supported by the government.

According to the Public Works and Transport Department reporting at the second ordinary session of the Vientiane People's Council recently, the project was implemented through a contract for road construction connecting the two villages between the Department and the Namtha Road and Bridge Construction Company.

The project's contract was initially signed in July 2012 in which the period of agreement was for about 36 months; it then received authorisation for renewal through until July 2017.

A project spokesperson, Mr Sacksombath Taysouliya told Vientiane Times yesterday that the project had slowed because “the construction materials were unable to be supplied on demand which has in turn hindered the whole project.”

“The working capital to buy fuel and other important materials was also not enough which made the implementation of the work not continuous.” He added.

Moreover, the road has had further obstacles as some people have refused to cooperate in moving their assets from the construction areas. Furthermore, some people have also obstructed construction because the company and land owners could not agree on land compensation at some locations over the long stretch.

As such the project was divided into three sections; the first section being measured from Donnokkhoum village, Sisattanak district to Xiengda village, Xaysettha district at a length of 4,100 metres and a width of 32 metres with six lanes, two sidewalks, street lamps and two drainages. The road is asphalt and also has twin concrete bridges that are 241 metres long and 33.15 metres wide.

The second section from the three corners in Xiengda village to 450 Year Road is 5,400 metres long, 23.50 metres wide and has six lanes and two drainages. The road is also asphalt and has two more concrete bridges that are 62 metres long and 30.75 metres wide.

The last section starts at the junction from the 450 Year Road to Nakhuay village which is 1,500 metres long according to the contract but which is actually 2,160 metres long and 17 metres wide. The section has four lanes, two drainages and is asphalt.

Authorities have also increased the cost of construction from more than US$76 million to more than US$78 million.

Costs have increased to upgrade the height of the bridges as well as the road changing from asphalt to concrete to compensate for the many heavy trucks using it. Now, according to plans, only the junction at Nakhuay will be asphalt.

Authorities have cut the length of two of the bridges from 241 metres to 211 metres to prevent the costs of construction from further increasing.

By Times Reporters
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February 21,

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