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Xieng Khuang promoting native cattle exports

Xieng Khuang province plans to expand the breeding of native cattle for domestic and overseas sales with the province already exporting almost 10,000 head per year.

The province has promoted health programmes with vaccinations to protect local breeds from diseases and ensured that sufficient pasture grass has been grown to feed the cattle.

Besides this, local authorities are encouraging domestic and foreign investment and have established an animal fund to help address poverty in rural areas.

Under the fund, poor farmers can receive cattle breeding stock over a five year period. When a cow gets pregnant the farmer must return the first two calves to authorities, then the cow will belong to the farmer.

Beef production in Xieng Khuang has proven to be cost effective over its wide expanses of land and the province plans to import about 1,000 cattle from Australia this year, an increase of almost 50 percent compared to last year.

An official from Xieng Khuang Planning and Investment Department, Mr Souvanthone Phommachanh, said the province had focused to stockbreeding, especially cattle, and offered opportunities for individual companies to invest.

Currently, Xieng Khuang province has attracted investment from Lao-Japan Agro Development Xieng Khuang Company Limited, which has grown pasture grasses and imported cattle from Australia.

According to an official of the province's Livestock and Fishery section, in 2015 Xieng Khuang imported more than 800 cattle from Australia and authorities have crossbred over 300 cattle with local breeds.

Xieng Khuang's economy has grown by 8.5 percent annually and GDP was up from 2,500 billion kip in 2015 to 2,979 billion kip in 2016.

The agriculture sector increased by 3.01 percent, industry was up 11.31 percent and the service sector 12.11 percent, with annual GDP per capita being US$ 1,500.

Household poverty is now 2.02 percent and developed villages cover 50.83 percent of the province.

In addition, Xieng Khuang province has sold khao kai noi rice to Lao Brewery Company Ltd and exported it to Japan, France and China.

The province now grows enough of the variety to supply the market and authorities want to increase this as the organic khao kai noi rice brings a good price for local growers.





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