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Lao-Korea training programme driving rural development
The Lao-Korea Rural Development Training Centre (LKRDTC) has trained more than 1,000 people for rural development activities since the project was launched in 2016.
Adopting Korea’s Saemaul Undong or New Community Movement initiative, LKRDTC has demonstrated the possibility of such training becoming a driving force for rural development.
At the opening ceremony of an evaluation seminar on the LKRDTC training programme in Vientiane on Wednesday, the Deputy Head of the Office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Mr Boun-ai Nounouannavong, expressed his sincere appreciation for the Korean training experts, who have worked hard to transfer the advanced training model under Saemaul Undong (SMU) to LKRDTC.
He said Lao farmers who completed the training had begun to change their mind regarding rural development.
“The training helped them to devote themselves to rural development and Lao SMU projects. As a result, the farmers’ income has also increased rapidly,” he said.

The President of the Korea Rural Development Institute said LKRDTC has become a cornerstone for rural development in Laos and friendship between the two nations.
He asked LKRDTC members to continue to dedicate themselves to rural development and SMU projects in Laos.
During the seminar, the organising committee recognised four people for their meritorious work in training, including a Professor of the National University of Laos who was selected as the best lecturer.
Survey data on the programme for the past three years showed 90 percent of more than 1,000 trainees were satisfied with the training.
The trainees had realised the meaning of the Saemual Movement initiative in the Republic of Korea and its implications for rural development in Laos.
Another survey on the training programme collected data on 120 trainees who completed the training programme at LKRDTC in the past month. It showed more than 98 percent of the respondents believed the training had changed their minds.
These people turned out to participate in rural development more actively than before, and they mentioned that the programme helped them increase their income.
They have been applying their skills and new knowledge learned from LKRDTC’s programmes in real life.
LKRDTC is a joint project between Korea and Laos, and the comprehensive evaluation seminar to assess the venture was held at the Auditorium Grand Hall.
LKRDTC was established as part of the Laos Rural Development Project in affiliation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.
The role of the institute is to develop people’s capacity for rural development. Since its inception in April 2016, LKRDTC has implemented six training programmes more than 50 times to train village leaders, local officials and high-level policy makers.
The centre also contributes to poverty reduction and improves the quality of life of citizens, in line with the objectives of the Sam-Sang policy of Laos and Saemaul Undong policy of Korea.

By Times Reporters
(Latest Update December 8, 2018)

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