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July 23, 2016

Officials raise issues for Asean meetings

Top stories

1. Laos will need US$27 billion to spur economic growth over the period 2016-20.

1. Laos in need of massive capital injection to drive economic growth
Economists warn that Laos will need to take a proactive approach to attract foreign direct investment if the country is to sustain economic growth of 7.5 percent annually over the next five years. . More >>>

Govt mulls export regulations for plantation trees
The government has instructed ministries to work with local authorities to study appropriate policies on whether timber harvested from plantations should be eligible for export, the government spokesman said. . More >>>

Better data required to evaluate education projects
Improved data on education projects across the country is needed to better evaluate their performance and improve the quality of education in the future, according to a senior official. . More >>>

Officials raise issues for Asean meetings
Efforts towards the effective implementation of the Asean Community Vision towards 2025, particularly the implementation of the Asean-Political-Security Blueprint 2025, topped the agenda of the Asean Senior Officials' Meeting (SOM) held in Vientiane yesterday. . More >>>

5. Obituary of Lieutenant General Samane Vignaket
It is with great sadness that the Party Central Committee, National Assembly, Ministry of National Defence, Lao Front for National Construction, and the Vignaket family inform Party members, civil servants and government employees, soldiers, and compatriots that Lieutenant General Samane Vignaket died at 00.24 am on July 22, in his 89th year. . More >>>


July 22, 2016
- Downpours in China won't affect Laos, weathermen say
The heavy rain that is currently causing widespread flooding in parts of China will not be coming to Laos any time soon, according to forecasters.More >>>
- Setthathirath Hospital to continue free-treatment policy
Vientiane's Setthathirath Hospital plans to continue its free-treatment policy for low income patients, despite struggling to finance the scheme. More >>>
- Assembly members beef up on economic issues
Members of the National Assembly and the People's Provincial Assemblies have learnt more about economic issues so they can better support and monitor work being undertaken by the government. More >>>
- Laos-Japan association extends support for rural students
The Kumamoto-Laos Friendship Association on Wednesday reaffirmed its commitment to assisting the education of Lao children. More >>>

July 21 , 2016
- Top students depart for US to attend MOSWC
Three talented young students from Laos will depart for the United States of America next month to represent Laos in the Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship (MOSWC), which will be held in Orlando, Florida from August 7-10, 2016. . . More >>>
- State Auditing Organisation instructs southern provinces' operations
President of the State Auditing Organisation, DrViengthongSiphandone and senior officials visited two southern provinces last week to encourage and guide their operations in the year ahead. . . More >>>
- That Luang market traders shown the door
Some 500 stallholders at the makeshift That Luang market in Xaysettha district need to look for a new location to sell their wares before August 23 as the site has been earmarked for development. . . More >>>
Champassak battles drug abuse, trafficking
Champassak provincial authorities are pursuing a drug awareness campaign in at-risk schools and villages to help prevent the trafficking of illegal drugs. . . More >>>

July 20 , 2016
- Luang Namtha people to access health insurance
Luang Namtha province will soon begin to launch a health insurance fund in order to enable government officials and company workers in the province to access health insurance services. More >>>
- Workers unaware of rights: labour chief
Lao workers and the heads of labour associations must be better informed about their rights when it comes to negotiating working conditions. More >>>
- Lao devotees welcome Buddhist Lent nationwide
Yesterday was Buddhist Lent festival day and Lao people welcomed and celebrated this important event nationwide by giving alms and presenting offerings at their local temples. More >>>
- Savannakhet counts the cost in wake of storm
Four houses, 48 trees and more than 70 electricity poles along Road No. B9 in Kaysone Phomvihane district, Savannakhet province, were damaged during a storm that lashed the area on Monday evening. More >>>

July 19 , 2016
- KOICA extends support for rural development
The Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) has reaffirmed its commitment to continue to support Laos in various sectors, especially the development of rural communities across the country. . More >>>
- Malaysia, Laos mark 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations
A group of 40 students and 10 lecturers from the Malaysia's Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences (CUCMS) have undertaken a 6-day capacity-building project in Vientiane. . More >>>
- Donors support third phase of Poverty Reduction Fund programme
Donors to the Poverty Reduction Fund (PRF) including the Word Bank and the Australian government are planning a third phase of projects after recently inspecting development initiatives in Luang Prabang province.
. More >>>

July 18, 2016
- Lao Front informs Buddhist body of Party Congress highlights
The Lao Front for National Construction (LFNC) has explained the outcomes of the 10th Congress of the Lao People's Revolutionary Party and the 10th Congress of the LFNC to monks and novices. More >>>
- Opening of Vientiane radio, TV station on hold
The Vientiane Department of Information, Culture and Tourism is reviewing plans to open a new television station in the capital because a shortage of qualified personnel and funding has put the project on hold. More >>>
- New cement plant passe s emissions test
The massive new Vangvieng Cement Plant No. 3 in Vientiane province has passed a test to detect particle emission and ensure the plant does not pollute the surrounding countryside. More >>>
- Nationwide road accidents claim over 90 lives in June
Over 90 people were killed in road accidents around the country in June according to the latest report from the Traffic Police Department of the Ministry of Public Security. More >>>

July 15, 2016
- Government drafts decree on data and information centre
The Ministry of Post and Telecommunications on Wednesday discussed a draft decree on a data and information centre to improve the provision of such services in Laos. More >>>
- Provinces suggest need to regulate Chinese satellite dish shops
Several provinces asked the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism this week to create regulations to regulate Chinese-owned shops selling satellite dishes. More >>>
- Vocational training gives boost to job seekers
A large number of lower and upper secondary school students are now interested in taking vocational training programmes since the Ministry of Education and Sports launched a pilot scheme to boost enrolment. More >>>
- Private schools get approval to increase charges for extra classes
Privately owned primary schools can increase the fees for the extra classes they run during the school holidays, a governing body has confirmed. More >>>

July 14, 2016
- Communities give back to nature by replenishing fish stocks
Communities across the country yesterday marked National Fish Releasing and Conservation of Aquatic and Wildlife Day by adding fish to natural waterways to replenish stocks. . More >>>
- Dengue death toll rises to nine
The Ministry of Health has called on the public to clean up around their communities by removing or emptying containers that can harbour mosquito larvae in a bid to lessen the incidence of dengue fever.
. More >>>
- Lao TV a hit with ethnic viewers in Xekong
While some debate the qualities of local television, the people of Xekong province have taken a liking to Lao TV according to representatives of the television station, speaking at a meeting in Vientiane on Tuesday.
. More >>>
- Telecom staff get lessons in fibre technology
Korean companies are helping Lao officials to develop their skills in information and communication technology during a seminar taking place in Vientiane. . More >>>

July 13, 2016
- Saravan community celebrates education milestone
Lao-ngam district authorities in Saravan province have declared success in fulfilling the Lower Secondary Education Equivalency Programme, which is defined as one where 98 percent of people aged 15-35 have access to lower secondary education. More >>>
- Cause of LuangPrabang house fire still unknown
LuangPrabang provincial police and authorities have teamed up to investigate the cause of a fire that burnt down a two-storey house on Monday morning in Phonheuang village, LuangPrabang district. More >>>
- City to repair CCTV cameras
Vientiane authorities are planning to repair and improve the city's Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) system, which has been malfunctioning for some time. More >>>
- Laos' tallest man makes first hospital visit
A man recently identified as being the tallest person in Laos at 2.25 metres is in hospital for a thorough physical examination, the first for 26-year-old MrPhoudoiXayachak. More >>>

July 12, 2016
- Govt vows to curb illegal trade in wildlife
The government will continue to clamp down on the illegal trade in wildlife in Laos, aiming to preserve the country's aquatic animals, wildlife and protected areas. . . More >>>
Supervise your children to prevent drowning, parents warned
Parents have been cautioned to pay more attention to their children during the summer holidays as they are at risk of swimming accidents while playing. . . More >>>
Hit-and-run driver arrested
The Vientiane Traffic Police Department on Monday held a press conference to announce they had arrested a man who allegedly drove away after causing an accident that killed a woman and her daughter on Wednesday morning. . . More >>>
Pets vaccinated against rabies
More than 500 dogs and cats in nine villages in Chanthabouly district and two villages in Sisattanak district are currently being vaccinated against rabies. . . More >>>

July 11 , 2016
- Use the internet responsibly, ministry urges
The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications is trying to persuade people to use information and communication technology, especially social media, in ways that are appropriate and responsible. More >>>
- Regional animal health experts call for improved disease control
Animal health officials from the five upper Mekong countries have reaffirmed their commitment to work together to improve trans-boundary animal disease control in the region. More >>>
- Vientiane traffic police arrest hit-and-run driver
The Vientiane Traffic Police Department on Friday arrested a suspect in connection with a hit-and-run accident that killed a woman and her daughter as they rode a motorbike near the Phonpapao traffic lights in Sisattanak district. More >>>
- Korean firm provides scholarships for Lao students
A Korean company has provided 100 scholarships for outstanding students at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Faculty of Architecture at the National University of Laos (NUOL). More >>>

July 8, 2016
- Volunteer vets prepare for rabies prevention campaign
The Vientiane Health Department under the Ministry of Health will task village volunteer veterinarians with establishing rabies-free zones in Vientiane in a bid to ensure tourists are safe from the disease. More >>>
- Deputy minister receives world education award
Deputy Minister of Education and Sports MrLytouBouapao has received an award for his outstanding contribution to education at the 5th World Education Congress Global Awards held in India on June 23, becoming the first Lao national to receive the award. More >>>
- Police search for hit-and-run driver
The Vientiane Traffic Police Department is trying to trace the driver of a Hyundai pickup who drove away after hitting a motorbike on Wednesday morning, killing a woman and her daughter near the Phonpapao traffic lights in Sisattanak district. More >>>
- Dentistry network expands throughout Khammuan
The University of Health Sciences' Faculty of Dentistry is partnering with Japan's Organisation of International Support for Dental Education and the Faculty of Dentistry at KhonKaen University in Thailand to expand the dentistry network in Khammuan province. More >>>

July 7 , 2016
- Japanese association supports tree planting efforts
Different sectors of the government, private bodies, along with villagers and local authorities have taken to the task of planting trees after the government raised awareness through National Arbor Day on June 1.
. More >>>
- Lao-ITECC cancels parking fees
The Lao International Trade Exhibition and Convention Centre (Lao-ITECC) yesterday announced it would reverse its decision to charge parking fees after doing so for the past two days. . More >>>
- Officials to announce regulation, penalties for hit-and-run drivers
Officials are preparing measures to penalise offenders in hit-and-run accidents, encouraging the media to publicise these incidents and increase the chances that the guilty party will surrender to police.
. More >>>
Plenty of rain, but no reports of floods or landslides
Vientiane and the provinces have so far survived unscathed in the absence of landslides or flash floods despite heavy rainfall in recent days. . More >>>

July 6 , 2016
- Medics mull ways to reach health targets
Health officials gathered in Vientiane on Monday to discuss improvements to the healthcare system, aimed at achieving various targets in the years to come. More >>>
- Buddha statuettes given new home in LuangPrabang temple
Some 98 ancient Buddha images found in 2008 are now at the XiengmenXayasettharam temple in Chomphet district, LuangPrabang province, after being stored at the provincial Information, Culture and Tourism Department. More >>>
- Trade union members learn about role in globalisation
The Lao Federation of Trade Unions (LFTU) is holding a two-day seminar on the role of trade unions in the international community. More >>>

July 5 , 2016
- Army staff get lessons in UXO clearance
The National Regulatory Authority (NRA) for the UXO/Mine Action sector in Laos on Monday launched a training session in unexploded ordnance (UXO) clearance under the Army Humanitarian UXO-Lao Deminer initiative. . . More >>>
- Lao-ITECC initiates car park fees
The Lao International Trade Exhibition and Convention Centre (Lao-ITECC) yesterday kicked off its new payment scheme for customer parking . . . More >>>
- Laos participates in 16th German Adult Education Conference
A high ranking delegation from Laos, led by Deputy Minister of Education and Sports Mr Lytou Bouapao, attended Europe's biggest congress for Non-Formal Learning from June 9 to 10 in Berlin, Germany. . . More >>>
- New Japanese volunteers begin missions in Laos
A group of 13 Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCVs) recently arrived in Vientiane to support government development efforts across the country. . . More >>>

July 4 , 2016
- Governance workshop mulls sustainable development goals
Members of the Governance Sector Working Group (GSWG) gathered in Vientiane on Friday to share information on the country's Sustainable Development Goals and discuss the roles and duties of the People's Provincial Assemblies (PPAs). More >>>
- Laos, Malaysia to strengthen diplomatic relations
Malaysia has reaffirmed its strong commitment to supporting and working with Laos towards the enhancement of cooperation and partnership as the two countries journey together towards a more prosperous Asean community. More >>>
- Technical college asks Germany to fund second campus
The establishment of a second Lao-German Technical College campus in Vientiane will be discussed in October after Germany received a request for financial assistance from the college. More >>>
- Print graphic health warnings on cigarette packets, tobacco firms told
Tobacco companies in Laos have been told they must display graphic health warnings about the dangers of smoking on cigarettes packets by October, in a bid to lower smoking rates. More >>>

July 1 , 2016
- Japan supports convention centre refurbishments
The government has successfully undertaken the first repairs and improvements to the International Convention and Training Centre (ICTC) this year with support from Japan. More >>>
- Human resources key to development: education minister
Laos needs to strengthen human resource development through ongoing improvements to the education system with the top priorities being the upgrade of basic education and reduction of dropout rates. More >>>
- Savannakhet rice may have potential for international market
Officials believe that some rice fields in Savannakhet province that do not use chemical pesticides and herbicides might have the potential to grow organic rice for the international market. More >>>
- Chanthabouly flower pots discarded after locals complain
About 200 flower pots displayed along roads in Chanthabouly district, Vientiane, have been removed because they do not meet with the approval of the local community. More >>>

June 30 , 2016
- First meeting of Saravan People's Council approves provincial structure
The first session of the Saravan provincial People's Council opened yesterday to approve its organisational structure, select leadership and appoint a Council president. . More >>>
- Lao women prepare for university studies in France
A group of French-speaking Lao students who were selected for higher education in France are now preparing for their two-year university courses, which begin in September. . More >>>
- Clampdown on unlawful goods gains ground
The Vientiane Industry and Commerce Department will continue to work with other sectors to inspect and impound illegal and out-of-date products in markets and shops in Vientiane. . More >>>
- Tobacco companies to display graphic health warnings on cigarette packets
The government will soon require tobacco companies to display graphic health warnings on cigarette packets in the hope of reducing the number of deaths from smoking-related illnesses. . More >>>

June 29, 2016
- Lao, Korean experts discuss enhanced online security
Lao and Korean IT experts met in Vientiane on Wednesday to discuss the protection of internet users in Laos by creating an environment for secure electronic transactions through the use of a digital signature system. More >>>
- Emergency service reports three suicides in capital
About 30 people in Vientiane have taken their lives each year over the past half decade, according to an assistant with the emergency service Vientiane Rescue 1623. More >>>
- Student dropout rates plummet
The high drop-out rate among schoolchildren has been resolved since the Ministry of Education and Sports introduced a ‘no failing students' policy five years ago. More >>>
- Phongsaly community has improved hygiene, sanitation
Over 300 residents of Hadset village in Bountay district, Phongsaly province, now enjoy better hygiene and sanitation after the installation of a gravity-fed water system funded by the United States' Lao Rehabilitation Foundation. More >>>

June 28 , 2016
- Wastewater treatment project gets green light
Integrating Decentralised Wastewater Treatment Solutions (DEWATS) can help to improve the living conditions of vulnerable groups while protecting the environment and public health in Laos, and are essential to a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed in Vientiane on Friday. . More >>>
- Law amendment to reflect government restructure
Article 13 of the Law on Government will be amended following the transfer of certain areas of work from the Prime Minister's Office to ministries and other government bodies. . More >>>
- New road could double arrivals to Luang Prabang from Thailand
The number of visitors travelling from Thailand to the world heritage town of Luang Prabang could more than double once a new road linking it to the neighbouring country is complete. . More >>>
- Lao Bar Association runs course on lawyer ethics
The Lao Bar Association (LBA) in cooperation with the French government last week ran a training of trainers course on lawyer ethics.
. More >>>

June 27, 2016
- Laos, Vietnam review border management
Laos and Vietnam have agreed to enhance border management between the two countries following the existing legal documents while accelerating the implementation of internal regulations. More >>>
- Laos, Japan hold joint seminar on water and wastewater management
Lao private companies should set a good example for industrial wastewater regulation and wastewater management that will become increasingly important in the country, officials said at a water management seminary recently held in Vientiane.More >>>
- Integrated Pest Management methodology needed in Laos
Laos needs to use Integrated Pest Management methodology (IPM) for plant protection in agriculture areas to reduce or minimise the risks to human health and the environment, officials say. More >>>
- Ecology Institute, KFBG provide new nursery for orchid conservation
The Biotechnology and Ecology Institute and Kadoorie Farm and Botanical Garden (KFBG) from Hong Kong continue to look to provide different orchids to be conserved at the new Orchid Conservation Nursery that both have worked together to open recently. More >>>

June 24, 2016
- Government officials need to set blood donor example
Government officials should set a good example to society and donate blood with the National Blood Transfusion Centre and partners holding activities in offices, educational institutions and other places. More >>>
- Specialised personnel needed for Lao women's advancement
Head of the Secretariat to the National Commission for Advancement of Women, Ms Chansoda Phonthip believes Laos should have personnel specialised in the field of gender equality to drive the successful advancement of women in the country. More >>>
- Vientiane lacks funds to clean street drainage systems
Not all drainage ditches and drain pipes along roadsides in Vientiane are being cleaned to allow the free flow of water and protect the city against floods because of a shortage of funds. More >>>
- Sengsavanh College gets help from visiting Thai teachers
The teachers of Sengsavanh College have recently upgraded their skills after meeting to discuss educational development with visiting Thai teachers in Vientiane on Thursday. More >>>

June 23 , 2016
- Laos must continue creation of Fish Conservation Zones
The Lao government must continue to create ‘Fish Conservation Zones' which are areas that aim to build the capacity of local communities in overseeing the sustainable management of their aquatic resources, officials say. . . More >>>
- Drug dealers caught daily but don't disappear
Although it is common to see drug dealers and users being sentenced to prison time in the People's Courts nationwide, it seems that for every dealer arrested another one pops up to take their place. . . More >>>
- National Assembly considers law amendment
The enforcement of Article 13 in the Law on Government concerning the rights and obligations of the Ministers to the Prime Minister's Office may be suspended pending ammendment. . . More >>>
- Japanese volunteers pay courtesy visit to Lao Prime Minister
A group of 46 Japanese volunteers paid a courtesy visit to Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith in Vientiane yesterday before continuing on a mission to support Laos in both socio-economic and human resource development. . . More >>>

June 22, 2016
- Hydropower project plants trees for new resettlement area
Nam Ngiep 1 Hydropower Project (NNP1) staff, local government officials, and community members planted trees to symbolise the start of new lives for people in the Houay Soup Resettlement Area (HSRA) in Borikhan district, Borikhamxay province recently. More >>>
- Why do provinces need bigger hospitals?
With many existing hospitals in the provinces suffering from staff shortages some people are questioning why authorities need to build bigger facilities. More >>>
- Many rural communities oblivious of fisheries law
Rural people's difficulty in accessing information on the Law on Fisheries is one the reasons for continuing illegal fishing in Laos, according to an official. More >>>
- Young Lao filmmakers showcase talent at Korean sponsored festival
Six documentaries and three short films created by students of the Mass Communication Department at the National University of Laos were screened last Friday during its 2016 Students Film Festival at the National Culture Hall in Vientiane. More >>>

- PM pushes for greater connectivity between Asia, Europe
Communities give back to nature by replenishing fish stocks
PM asks media, ministry
to work harder
Concerns rise over locust invasion
Investing in adolescent girls seen as key to sustainable development
Asean journalists vow
to build closer ties
Strong laws pave way for development: minister
US to expand cooperation with Laos, increase UXO financing
Japan gives boost to human resource development in Laos
Governance workshop mulls sustainable development goals
Vat Pa Pha Bard enshrines the peace of Buddhism
Violence against women costing US$13.5 million
Thai trade fair showcases products in Vientiane
Human resources key to development: education minister

Good trade practices open new business opportunities
Laos has long faced significant barriers to trade and since carrying out its first outward-looking economic reforms in 1986, trade with the outside world has mostly been a one-way street: imports. . More >>>


Laos, Thailand discuss folk music as a literary form
Lao and Thai authorities are currently discussing their common heritage of traditional folk songs as well as the literary perspective they offer at a dialogue in Savannakhet province, central Laos. . More >>>


Savannakhet's famous Xeno grilled chicken now in Vientiane
Vientiane residents don't need to travel to the Xeno area of Savannakhet province to buy the famous grilled chicken since a new restaurant opened in Vientiane last month. . . More >>>

World news

30,000 km expansion of rail network planned
CHINA (China Daily) -- China intends to build 30,000 km of train tracks by the end of 2020, extending the total length of its railways to 150,000 km, a Ministry of Transport official said on Thursday. . More >>>


How does Laos benefit from Asean membership?
Today is the 19th anniversary of Laos becoming a member of Asean. As the Chair of Asean for 2016, Laos will host the 28th and 29th Asean Summits in September. . .More >>>


Lao hurdler wins medals at Asean University Games
Lao hurdler Manivanh Chanthavong is aiming to compete at the 29th SEA Games in Malaysia in 2017, following her success at the 18thAsean University Games in Singapore this month. More >>>


Naypyitaw: make it your next holiday destination
My journey to Naypyitaw, the new capital of Myanmar, took me 12 hours as I moved through five cities: Vientiane, Bangkok, Yangon and Mandalay, before finally arriving in Naypyitaw.. . . More >>>

Poverty Eradication

Saravan family's chicken feasts put food on everyone's table
Selling grilled chicken is helping a Saravan family to make a good income, which appears to be increasing as the popularity of this succulent dish spreads. . More >>>

Arts & Culture

Monks intensify devotions during Buddhist Lent
Monks and novices have to stay in their temples to strictly practice all their routines and principles throughout the three months of Buddhist Lent, which begins today. . . More >>>


Winning NUOL student to compete in IT contest in America
Mr Panyapaseuth Xayavong, 19, a first year engineering student at the National University of Laos, has won first place at the Microsoft Office World Competition 2016. .More >>>


Sharing a glass may increase risk of hepatitis A
There has been an outbreak of hepatitis A in Xieng Khuang province, with large numbers of people falling ill. The risk of hepatitis A infection is associated with unclean water and poor sanitation and hygiene. . .. More >>>


Designer contest winner sets sights on global fashion industry
The winner of this year's Young Lao Designer competition, Viseth Sitthilath, expects to be an important fashion designer one day, using his own brand to promote the Lao fashion industry on a world stage. . . . More >>>


Are clean streets nothing but a dream?
Vientiane authorities announced back in 2010 that all roads in the capital would be clean by the year 2015 as part of the city's clean and green strategy, so more than five . . More >>>

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