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April 18, 2014

Recessions at home dampened tourists' spending in Laos last year: officials ## Overweight truck causes bridge collapse in Luang Namtha

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1. New Kaleum district administrative office under construction.
2. One of the 32 road accidents that occurred April 14-16 during the celebration of Lao New Year in Vientiane. -- Photo Khamphanh

1. President visits development projects in Xekong province
President Choummaly Sayasone last week visited two major projects in Kaleum district in Xekong province including a coal mining excavation project and the relocation of Kaleum district administrative office.
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2. 37 people killed in road accidents during Lao New Year
Ministry of Public Security reported yesterday 37 people were killed in road accidents nationwide during the six day celebration of Lao New Year from April 11-16. . . More >>>

3. Illegal logging still a major issue
Illegal wood trade is still a recurring issue with officials from Vientiane's forest inspection unit finding timber being transported from Xaysomboun province to Vientiane. . More >>>

4. New plan to speedup UXO clearance rate
The National Regulatory Authority (NRA) has a new plan for unexploded ordnance (UXO) clearance in Laos which will release land faster for safe use and development. . More >>>

Khammuan uncovers 1.2 billion kip mismanagement
Khammuan province's inspection authority has uncovered more than 1.2 billion kip in misused funds after conducting an audit of various government bodies. . More >>>

Smoking rate still high in Laos
The rate of smoking in Laos is still high compared to its population, causing the involved sectors to seek ways to reduce the problem. .
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April 18, 2014
- Farmers relieved at rice price rise
The price of rice is rising in various provinces as the number of producers has reduced. . More >>>
Recessions at home dampened tourists' spending in Laos last year: officials
The fact that many overseas visitors to Laos last year were experiencing recessions in their home countries may have contributed to them limiting their expenditure during their travels in the country. . More >>>
Anti-corruption authority moves to new office space
The construction of a new building to accommodate the office of the Government Inspection Authority was completed and handed over to the authority for use last week. . More >>>
Rabies risk rises in the hot season
The Vientiane Health Department is warning people to be on guard against rabies during the hot season as dogs and other animals are easily irritable and more likely to bite. . More >>>
Overweight truck causes bridge collapse in Luang Namtha
An overweight truck has caused a 33.5 metre bridge to collapse in Luang Namtha province. . More >>>

April 17, 2014
- HIV infections, drug injecting: Health sector needs funds
Drug injecting and HIV infection are still problems in some provinces in Laos and need the availability of funds to be overcome through treatment, training and raising public awareness on the dangers and negative impact of illegal drug usage. . More >>>
Lao, Thai companies eye standard certification service opportunities
GGM Company Ltd, a Thai-based company has partnered with Lao Global Mark Company Ltd to provide services in certifying international standards on management and services in Laos after learning of the local potential. . More >>>
Nam Ngum 5 provides assistance to affected villagers
Nam Ngum 5 Power Company Ltd has provided US$43,000 worth of assistance both in kind and in cash to people who were affected by the construction of the hydropower project. . More >>>
Brainstorming to aid women's rights
Officials from various ministries and related sectors gathered to brainstorm their ideas to improve the National Commission for the Advancement of Women under the CEDAW treaty at a consultation workshop held on Tuesday in Vientiane. . More >>>

April 10, 2014
- New Year troublemakers warned of tough police response
Vientiane police commander Brigadier General Dr Bounxou Nammachack has warned potential troublemakers who intend to engage in antisocial activities during Pi Mai Lao (Lao New Year) that they will face tough measures against them. . More >>>
Schools support tobacco control
Students from eight secondary schools in Vientiane are promoting tobacco control in classrooms with the aim of establishing more smoke-free zones. . More >>>
Hospitals prepare for the holidays
Vientiane hospitals will appoint extra medical staff to be on 24 hour stand-by over the Lao New Year to deal with a possible surge in emergency admissions. . More >>>
Vendors eye Lao New Year sales
Many vendors in Vientiane expect good sales of clothing during the traditional high demand lead up to next week's Lao New Year Celebrations. . More >>>

April 09, 2014
- UNWTO, TripAdvisor tackle Lao tourism marketing
The United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) demystified the Japanese market, and Trip Advisor offered deeper insight into the world's largest travel website during the 12th Lanith Symposium, “Marketing & Promoting Lao Tourism.” More >>>
American alumni students gather in Vientiane
The alumni of American exchange students and businessmen gathered at the Lao Plaza hotel on Saturday to meet with colleagues and associates and enhance professional development. More >>>
Road safety first during Lao New Year
Champassak provincial Police Headquarters have warned locals to pay close attention to road safety over the Lao New Year to minimise accidents. More >>>
Star pupils rewarded by Eastern Star Bilingual School
Winners of the sixth Inter-school Science and Maths Puzzle Olympiad (ISMO) of Eastern Star Bilingual School were presented with their certificates and prizes last week at the school. More >>>

April 08, 2014
- Lao Ban Advocates take action for mine awareness
A group of cluster munitions survivors marked the International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action on Friday with the Lend Your Leg campaign. More >>>
World Health Day highlights dangers of mosquitoes, flies
The World Health Organisation (WHO) celebrated World Health Day yesterday by getting an early start on its work in Laos combating common vectors, or carriers of disease, like mosquitoes, sandflies, bugs, ticks and snails. More >>>
Beware of bag-snatchers during Pi Mai
Officials from the Vientiane Police Office are reminding locals to stay aware during this week as thieves may be on the prowl in the upcoming Lao New Year. More >>>
Ministry to initiate village health worker programme
The Ministry of Health has discussed training village health workers to make sure that all Lao ethnicities have access to good quality medical services. More >>>

April 07, 2014
- Plan International improves sanitation, hygiene in Bokeo schools
Plan International has committed to donating around US$1 million (8 billion kip) to help primary schools and communities in three of the poorest districts of Bokeo province with improvements to water, sanitation and hygiene, referred to as WASH. . More >>>
- Vientiane Road No. 10 upgrade to ease congestion
The upgrading of the Road No. 10 from the Donnoun junction to Tha Ngone village in Xaythany district, Vientiane is now around 15 percent complete after the project began last year, Head of the project Mr Tingkham Sisavath told Vientiane Times on Wednesday. . More >>>
- Japanese cherry blossoms bloom in Huaphan province
Japanese cherry blossom trees have been planted in Huaphan province ahead of the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Laos and Japan in 2015. . More >>>
- Collaboration to combat animal-to-human diseases
The continual reports of human avian influenza (H7N9) cases in China have raised concerns for the Lao government. . More >>>
- Officials focus on campaign to prevent market fires
Vientiane Police Headquarters last week told its officials to continue campaigning on fire prevention in Vientiane in light of recent tragedies. . More >>>

April 04, 2014
- Medics seek ways to boost primary healthcare
The Ministry of Health plans to develop primary healthcare services to be under the control of each community. More >>>
- Tragic house fires kill one, displace many in Xayaboury
House fires killed one person in Xienghone district, Xayaboury province and left many homeless both there and in Honga district, according to a recent report from the provincial Labour and Social Welfare Department. More >>>
- Luang Prabang ready to welcome Pi Mai visitors
Accommodation houses and food service providers in the World Heritage town of Luang Prabang are ready to welcome thousands of domestic and foreign tourists during Lao New Year (Pi Mai Lao) this month, a local hotel authority has assured. More >>>

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With parades and water, Laos welcomes Year of the Horse

- Xaysomboun to catch up with other provinces: Governor says
- Book on Laos a hit with both local and foreign readers
- English teacher devoted to serving the nation
- Miss Laos aims to improve dental health
- Villagers wait for dead fish findings
- Community values make heritage town best tourist destination
- Recovery team has been able to lift the plane
- Plane crash victims mourned...
- Govt demands prompt rescue operation after ...
Lao Stock Market Information is available here

- Global markets end lower in a wobbly week
- EDL-Gen Friday surge buoys market liquidity
- Dodgy week ahead for gold
- EDL-Gen stock rallies in first day's opening trade
- Tuesday trades a slender improvement


Lao men's suits in high demand in Japan
The Japanese market, one of the leaders in fashion and clothing design in Asia, is buying large numbers of men's suits made in Laos. . . . ... More >>>


Lack of funds for traditional arts

Hip Hop, rap dances and modern music are expanding rapidly in Champassak province in the south of Laos while the promotion of local traditional arts is declining.

. More >>>


World Vision helping children healing from the war Nine-year-old Yaok and his brother Vangsith huddled around the fire. It was winter, where temperatures dropped to single digits, and the boys and their friends clamoured around the flames for a little warmth.
... More >>>

World news

Fears rise for missing in South Korea ferry sinking
MOKPO, South Korea (AP) -- Strong currents, rain and bad visibility hampered an increasingly anxious search Thursday for 287 passengers, many thought to be high school students. . ... More >>>


What do you think about what young people were wearing over Lao New Year?
Everybody likes to dress up while celebrating and playing with water over the Lao New Year. For the most part, people were wearing colourful shirts and pants or floral decorations. .. More >>>


Futsal trainers get AFC futsal level
Lao futsal trainers in Vientiane and from seven provinces were awarded certificates on Thursday after completing an AFC futsal level 1 coaching course under the auspices of the Lao Football. . ...More >>>


Champassak moves to attract more tourists Rich in tourism resources Champassak province is trying hard to attract more people to visit its popular sites after the province was listed as having the second largest number of tourism sites in ... More >>>

Poverty Eradication

Animal husbandry a ticket out of poverty
Houmphan Phanyathong and his family have seen their living standards improve every year, thanks to non-stop work in animal husbandry and agricultural production. . . . . More >>>

Arts & Culture

Celebration of Lao New Year: a time of happiness and getting wet
Walking or riding on the major streets of Vientiane, such as Samsenthai and Setthathirath Roads, during the three day celebration of Lao New Yea. . . More >>>


Charge your phone in 30 seconds
An Israeli tech startup, StoreDot, claims to have created a new battery pack that can fully charge your phone in a mere 30 seconds. . . . . . .. . . More >>>


Safe food consumption over Pi Mai
Residents are encouraged to follow food safety regulations to reduce illness over the Lao New Year. . . .. . . ... More >>>


Rescued macaques find home at Lao zoo
Walking in the Lao Zoo at Keun village on the outskirts of Vientiane on a weekday was not a tour in a park, but like a jungle adventure. While the 20-year old zoo might be a little short on amenities for visitors wanting to relax.. More >>>


Volunteer journalists gain greater understanding of environmental issues Vietnamese and Lao volunteer journalists have a greater understanding on issues related to the environment, especially in hydropower and mining, after a fieldtrip to the northern ... More >>>

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