7 February 2020

Khammuan medics beef up disease prevention

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- PM: Bolster stocks of face masks, send them to help China 
Authorities are preparing to buy and prepare face masks to ensure a sufficient supply in Laos and even send them to China amid the rising number of coronavirus infections in the country, where the deadly virus emerged.
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- Education ministry addresses low standards in primary schools
The Ministry of Education and Sports is holding its annual education administration meeting this week, with discussions centering on poor student performance at the primary and lower secondary school levels. 
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- Khammuan medics beef up disease prevention
Khammuan province’s Health Department is taking aim at flu, diarrhoea and dengue fever after a number of people developed these illnesses recently. Deputy Director of the department, Dr Phasouk Khammanythong, told the media that most cases of illness in the province involved flu, diarrhoea and dengue fever, but there had been no serious cases or deaths.
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A Guide to protecting yourself against the Coronavirus

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- Agriculture, forestry ministry outlines development agenda
The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has vowed to maintain efforts to expand domestic production as the sector prepares to celebrate the 65th anniversary of its establishment this year. ... More >>>

- Oudomxay plans massive boost to skilled workforce
Oudomxay province’s Labour and Social Welfare Department hopes to provide 3,000 people with marketable job skills this year. The ambitious training programme was announced at a two-day meeting of the department on February 5-6, chaired by the province’s Vice Governor, Mr Khamphieng Yachongva and department Director, Mr Somfong Saengchandala.
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- Coronavirus likely to slow tourist trade
The government had hoped to draw 1.2 million Chinese tourists to Laos this year but may have to lower expectations in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, which is severely limiting tourist travel.. .. More >>>

- PM emphasises quality, law compliance in energy and mines sector
Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith advised the Ministry of Energy and Mines on Wednesday to ensure that development projects meet quality standards and strictly adhere to the law....More >>>

- Govt reviews disaster risk management project
Government bodies on Wednesday reviewed the implementation of the Laos-Southeast Asia Disaster Risk Management Project in 2019 and discussed plans for this year.. ...More >>>

- Japan provides lessons to strengthen rule of law in Laos
Government officials and Japanese representatives are meeting in Vientiane to share their knowledge in a three-day “civil law fact finding” session, aimed at strengthening the rule of law in Laos. ...More >>>


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Xayaboury police raid guesthouse, bust drug deal

Police in Xayaboury province arrested two alleged drug dealers and seized 2,024 amphetamine tablets found in their possession. They arrested Mr Sonevilay, 36, and Mr Bounthavy, 36, both from Xanakham district in Vientiane province. Police received a tip off that dealers were planning to bring drugs for sale in Xayaboury province.
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Coronavirus likely to cause major disruption in tourism, investment
Laos is expecting a shortfall in the number of tourists during this year’s peak season after  ... More >>>

Entertainment agencies join forces to pitch modern Lao songs
Lao Lanexang and TK Soundlao have paired up to promote modern Lao.. .More >>>

Hit the Laos Loop and discover a magical lagoon in Khammuan
Those wanting to explore more of Laos beyond the usual destinations like.  . .More >>>


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US Senate acquits Trump on both articles of impeachment
WASHINGTON (Xinhua) -- US President Donald Trump was acquitted on . .... More >>>

What should be done to improve education standards in Laos?
Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith has said education must be improved, especially the quality of teaching .. More >>>

Football federation honing provincial coaching skills through grassroots course
The Lao Football Federation (LFF) is organising ‘D Certificate Coaching Course’.. More >>>




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Icons of the Phuan Kingdom lure visitors to Xieng Khuang If you’re visiting Xieng Khuang province in northeastern Laos, be sure to visit ... More >>>

Ambassador of Thailand to the Lao PDR, Mr Damrong Kraikruan (right),  presents a gift to the President of Luangpaseuth . .. More >>>

Strengthening feminist movement programme

The Women's Fund Asia is committed to strengthening local and national women's organisations and improving access to human rights for women and transgender persons.
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