February 12, 2018

National Library sees increase in number of readers

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- Japan continues support for Laos’ development course
Japan will continue assisting Laos in socio-economic development in accordance with the set direction while targeting the international sustainable development goals (SDGs). Special Advisor to the Prime Minister of Japan, Kentaro Sonoura conveyed the promise of Japanese government support when meeting with Minister to the Prime Minister’s Office, Mr Alounkeo Kittikhoun in Vientiane on Friday. . .... More >>>

Cabinet approves 10 draft laws
The government cabinet on Friday approved amendment drafts to nine laws and one newly drafted law in its extraordinary meeting in a move towards pursuing the rule of law. The amendment drafts to laws include those on Public Debt Management, Value Added Tax, the Bank of the Lao PDR, Economic Dispute Solutions, and Social Security. .. ... More >>>

MAF, FAO collaborate on strategy to boost rice production
The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF) and the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) are collaborating under the Regional Rice Initiative (RRI) to develop communication methods to inform people about rice planting and fish breeding in rice fields. .. More >>>

- Savannakhet discovery shedding light on ancient elephant, mahout life
Ancient artefacts found recently in Savannakhet province’s Athsaphon district await analysis as to whether their use was related to elephants and their keepers.
A bell, axes, and other small metal pipes were among some 193 items found buried in agricultural land by the owner during ploughing last July in Vilabouly district. .. More >>>

- Poor youth startups funding as Union, Ratch Lao ink deal
Underprivileged youth are set to benefit from the provision of more than 38 million kip (300,000 Thai baht) in financing for zero interest loans.
The agreement between the Lao Youth Union and the Ratch Lao Services Company Limited will assist underprivileged youth to access funding for vocational skills training and to fund start up costs for entrepreneurial activities. . More >>>

More news stories

- Cigarettes without pictorial health warnings must be declared illegal
The Office of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce is advising authorities from the Industry and Commerce Department in Vientiane and provinces to seize cigarettes without pictorial health warnings, starting from February. .. More >>>

- Thousands give alms at That Luang Stupa fundraiser
A huge gathering of Vientiane residents gave alms to over one thousand monks at That Luang esplanade on Saturday morning to raise additional funds for the renovation of the Stupa.
The Taak baat event was attended by Vice Vientiane Mayor, Mr Sihoun Sitthileuxay, who also struck a gong to start the ritual. He was joined by other officials and the general public.....More >>>

- Young scholars’ dreams another step closer with SCG
Some 370 scholarships have been granted to the benefit of outstanding students in Khammuan province over the past five years thanks to a programme sponsored by the major cement and building material firm SCG, according to an official report released recently.
The scholarships to Khammuan students were among a total of 1,179 awarded nationwide by Siam Cement Group (SCG) via the SCG Sharing the Dream Program for 2012-2017...More >>>

- Govt honours gifted science students
The government has awarded certificates of merit to eight students from Kiettisack International School (KIS) in Vientiane after they won gold, silver and bronze medals at the 9th Asean+3 Student Camp & Teacher Workshop for the Gifted in Science, held in the Republic of Korea recently.
The event was held from January 5-12 and aimed to provide a place for gifted students to stimulate their curiosity and develop their ability in science, as well as an opportunity to exchange ideas and friendship among the international pool of selected students.
Another aim was to provide opportunities for gifted students to share their ideas and experiences in science so they can develop their abilities in research and in cultivating creativity.. More >>>


Increased antibiotic resistance found worldwide
The World Health Organisation’s (WHO) first release of surveillance data on antibiotic resistance reveals high levels of resistance to a number of serious bacterial infections in both high- and low-income countries.... More >>>


Storybooks bring smiles to rural schoolchildren
Our world would be more beautiful if everyone shared what they had with other people. That was what I heard a young man at Reading Elephant Laos say, adding that a donation of just US$1 could bring a smile to a child’s face by paying for school writing books and pencils... More >>>


Nirada School contributes to human resource development over 20 years Privately-run schools have not only played an important and helpful role in developing human resource in Laos but they also help the government to create jobs for teachers. ... . . . . More >>>


Painter’s creations portray Lao lifestyle
He sits on a red stool with his right hand dexterously painting the figures of two women dressed in traditional costume........ More >>>


Wetlands and the paradox of urban development
World Wetlands Day is celebrated on February 2. This year, the theme is “Wetlands for a sustainable urban future”... . More >>>


69 years of progress for Lao People’s Army
Lao people of all ethnicities are happy to celebrate the 69th anniversary of the Lao People’s Army today, as soldiers around the country ably continue to carry out their duty of national protection and development. .. . .


Entrepreneur’s ‘crackling’ advice on making tasty pork rind
Many a budding entrepreneur may think they can produce and sell pork rind as it doesn’t require a lot of money to process, but making the crunchy delight tasty and marketing it effectively is really the challenge. ... . More >>>


The view from the amazing Hin Nam No mountain in Laos
Hin Nam No otherwise known as the Stone Formation Forest Karst in Khammuan province’s National Protected Area is a beautiful place with breathtaking views. .... More >>>


Authorities call for vehicle owners to pay road tax
Authorities have announced that 2018 road tax can now be paid and the Ministry of Finance is calling on vehicle owners to pay their obligations to the nation.
, ....More >>>


MICAT publicises Law on Performing Arts
The Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism (MICAT) last Friday publicised a law on Performing Arts to encourage the staff of the ministry to have a better understanding about the law and how to implement it. ..More >>>


Dokchampa hotel pushes Visit Lao Year 2018
The “Safe Food, Good Health” certificate awarded to the five-star Dokchampa Hotel last year has inspired its. . ..More >>>

World news

Marchers protest racism in Italy after Africans are shot 
ROME (AP) -- Marchers protested racism Saturday in several Italian cities and warned against a revival of neo-fascist sentiment amid the campaign for Italy’s March 4 national election.....More >>>


Laos-Vietnam special solidarity becomes priceless legacy
Laos-Vietnams relations have been marked by an unalloyed solidarity that is rare around the globe. The rare relationship has become a priceless legacy of the two nations.
. .More >>>


What should be done to improve the state of our roads?
Many agree that some roads in the capital remain in dire need of repair after last year’s rainy season resulted in surface damage. . . . More >>>


Local athletes set sights on Asian Games, Youth Olympics
The nation’s best athletes are currently training in Vientiane with the aim of competing at two major international events on foreign soil this year.. ...More >>>

Dining Out

Delicious northern noodles await at Bokeo’s Papaeng restaurants
Being a generally mountainous landlocked country does have one advantage as the terrain does tend to ‘lock in the flavour’ of the different provinces’ local cuisine as you travel around Laos. . ... . More >>>


Upcoming e-Library expected to provide faster, more accessible information
A quick glance into the library and one might not see many people there. But nowadays that’s not such a strange sight because fewer people enjoy reading books at the library. ... .
More >>>

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