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September 7, 2017

Economic growth may fall short of target

Top stories

1. Industrial growth generates more jobs in central Laos
The growth of the industrial sector in Savannakhet province has generated thousands of jobs for local residents and contributed to improving their livelihoods, senior officials have said. . . More >>>

2. Workplace health, safety commitments made at Singapore congress
Laos is set to benefit from initiatives outlined in the Asean Labour Ministers' Statement on Improving Occupational Health and Safety for Sustainable Economic Growth after the statement was signed this week on the sidelines of a global meet. . . More >>>

3. Economic growth may fall short of target
A preliminary calculation has suggested that the economy will have grown by 6.83 percent in 2017, slightly lower than the target of 7 percent, the government has said. . . More >>>

4. Non-performing loans rate won't affect banking, economy
Non-performing loans (NPL) rising above the set ceiling level will not affect the performance of the banking system and economy, a senior government official in charge of economic affairs has said. . . More >>>

5. Laos pursues goal to banish illiteracy
Laos is working towards its target to wipe out illiteracy in all of the country's 148 districts, with 89 districts having already been declared literate.
. . More >>>

6. Vietnam marks anniversary, relations in Lao capital
The Embassy of Vietnam in Vientiane held a reception on Monday to mark the 72th anniversary of National Day (September 2, 1945 to September 2, 2017) and 55 years of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Laos.
. . More >>>

Home news

- Contractor waits out rain delay during upgrade of Tanmixay-Sikeuth road
The contractor repairing the 9.4 kilometre stretch of road from the Tanmixay crossroads in Xaythany district to the Sikeuth junction in Naxaithong district will soon start grading the surface to make life easier for motorists at the start of the new academic year. . . More >>>

- 16th Lao handicraft festival slated for October
The 16th Lao Handicraft Festival, which will showcase the products of artisans from across the nation, will take place at Lao-ITECC, Vientiane, from October 14-22. . . More >>>

- Ministries launch project to strengthen adaptation to climate change
The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) have launched a project to strengthen agro-climate monitoring and information systems in a bid to improve adaptation to climate change and food security.
. . More >>>


Strawberry farm a sweet stopover when visiting Luang Prabang
The town of Luang Prabang in northern Laos is well known as one of the world's top travel destinations with its well-preserved culture, historic sites and numerous temples. . . .

Poverty Eradication

Farmer proves everyone can have a better life
Mixing farming and animal husbandry has helped farmers in remote areas to produce sufficient food for their families as well as a surplus for sale. Mr Samlan Poyphanit is one such farmer whose family's income and living standards improved after he adopted this approach. . . .   . .. .. . More >>>

Arts & Culture

Hor Khaosalark festival: preserving tradition with basket offerings
Yesterday morning, people nationwide enjoyed visiting their village temples to present bamboo baskets of offerings to monks and novices on the day of Boun Hor Khaosalark or Hor Khaosalark festival. More >>>


Ministry delegation explores environmental education in Germany
Let's join in relates to a No Plastic! initiative in the city of Bonn, Germany. This tagline became the daily motto of a Lao Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MoNRE) delegation exploring environmental education. . More >>>

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Nonghai Group set to expand into real estate
The Nonghai Group is expanding into real estate after enjoying success in road and bridge construction, hydropower and mining. . . More >>>


On Your Side the Series ' celebrates 1 million views
The local online drama On Your Side the Series,' produced by Mind Media celebrated after the show's episodes reached 1 million views through social media last week.
. .More >>>


Bamboo: a lucrative resource for Sangthong district
When visiting Sangthong district, it's common to see people carrying piles of bamboo stems on their tractors, which they have cut from their farmland. . . More >>>

World news

First APA meet touted a success
BHUTAN (Kuensel) -- The Asian Parliamentary Assembly's (APA) Standing Committee on Social and Cultural Affairs meeting was declared a success after adopting all nine resolutions and another additional resolution proposed by Russia during the two-day event from August 31 to September 1. . . More >>>


Will graphic health warnings on cigarette packets benefit people?
The Ministry of Health recently ordered that all cigarette packets must carry graphic health warnings that cover at least 75 percent of the area of the packet.. . More >>>


Xieng Khuang to assemble large team for National Games

More than 270 Xieng Khuang athletes, coaches and team officials will attend the 11th National Games which the province is hosting in November next year. . . More >>>


Take care if food doesn't look fresh; bacteria may thrive there
Consumers have observed that street food vendors are displaying cooked food they didn't sell the previous day, despite it having seen high temperatures throughout the whole day. . . . More >>>


Organic crops eating into veggie sales
Organic croppers serving the capital's markets are shifting produce in increasing volumes, generating significant incomes for households and local communities. ..More >>>


Schoolchildren enjoy start to new academic year
Students nationwide, particularly those at primary and secondary level, on Friday enjoyed the first school day of the new academic year after their three-month break. . . More >>>

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