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Design student dreams of owning small business  

Mr Phonpadith Siphanit, a recipient of a scholarship from Certified Public Tax of the Republic of Korea, is among those students who dream of owning a small business after completing their studies.
Mr Phonpadith, or Touk as he is known to his friends and family, was born in 1997 into a family living in Simeuang village of Xayaboury district in Xayaboury province.
He received the Korean scholarship through the Saemaul Undong project.
This year, the Certified Public Tax of the Republic of Korea has provided scholarships to 60 students of the National University of Laos worth more than 144 million kip.

Mr Phonpadith Siphanit.

The scholarships for the academic year 2017-2018 were provided to financially disadvantaged and promising students of the university under the project “Capacity Building on Community-Rural Development Based on Sam Sang and Saemaul Undong Directives”.
Among the recipients were 35 students from the Faculty of Social Sciences, 20 from the Faculty of Architecture. (including Mr Phonpadith) and five from the Faculty of Letters.
This scholarship project focusses on financially disadvantaged students with the aim of creating understanding of money management among them.
The recipients have to maintain notes regarding their income and expenses in a book and submit it to the project committee every month. The notes will help students learn about their annual income and expenditure so that they can get improve at money management.
“The scholarship fund is helping in my studies, especially for buying educational equipment and other essentials.” Mr Phonpadith, 20 years old said.
“The most important thing is that the scholarship helps me learn about annual income and expenditure so that I can get better at money management. I have to make notes regarding my income and expenses in a book and submit it to the project committee to check every month.”
As a child, Mr Phonpadith never imagined he would become a top student at the Faculty of Architecture of the National University of Laos. He said, “When I was a child, I liked to draw pictures and designs, so my family always support my decision to study design, because when I graduate I can be help myself and my family.”
He proved to be a good student and in 2015, he completed upper secondary school in Xayaboury district and then secured a place in the Products-Decorative Designer Branch of the Faculty of Architecture, where he is now in his third year.
“The method of my learning is reading more, summarising the important lessons of every subject, and seeking new knowledge on the Internet,” he said.
“While learning in the classroom, I was determined to listen as the teachers explained the lessons. I took notes and if I didn’t understand something, I would ask the teacher at the time to ensure I understood,” he added.
Besides his studies, Mr Phonpadith enjoys sports and doing research on new experiences on the internet, particularly on matters related to design.
“The morning is the time to relax because I study in the afternoon and do my homework in the evening. Besides, I also learn by myself, such as reading old lessons and preparing for upcoming lessons as well,” he said. 
“After I graduate, I want to work and make money for my future. My dream is to become a businessman and I want to be the owner of small business, because when I was a child, I felt poor and always dreamed about success,” Mr Phonpadith said.


By Phomphong Laoin
(Latest Update October 18 , 2017 )

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