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Visitor facilities planned for Huaphan waterfall

Tad Kon waterfall in Xon district, Huaphan province, is set to become a special attraction with local authorities adding new facilities to make the site more visitor friendly.
An official with the province’s Information, Culture and Tourism Department, Mr Phouvan Phetmixay, told Vientiane Times yesterday authorities had already improved road access and built a restaurant and a car park.
In the near future a resort will be built near the waterfall, along with gift shops, a viewpoint, and a guesthouse – all with the goal of bringing visitors closer to nature.
The developments are being undertaken by a company which has been awarded a 30-year concession, at a cost of about 3.5 billion kip, according to the Information, Culture and Tourism Department, part of the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism.
The authorities will also set out hiking trails and put up signs around the waterfall requesting visitors to keep the area clean and to respect the natural environment.
The developments will be environmentally friendly and in keeping with the Lao lifestyle and, when everything is complete, local residents should benefit financially.
Tad Kon waterfall is 27km from the urban centre of Xon district and the access road is passable all year round.
Huaphan province has several stunning waterfalls and other places of interest, including Sa Lery, Tadloun and Phavang waterfalls, Tham Hang cave, and the Hiem and Nam Meuang hot springs. The province is also home to Pha Thee mountain and has a renowned city pillar.
Visitors can enjoy local food such as jeo pa bam (fish with chilli sauce), chicken soup, and phan seen (pork with chilli and herbs wrapped in pomelo leaves).
The province also has several colourful festivals including the Tai Deng ethnic festival, Crystal City Pillar festival, and boat races.
More than 70,550 people from Laos and other countries visited Huaphan last year, according to the Tourism Development Department.
Huaphan has 133 officially designated tourist sites of which 43 are nature-based, 28 are of cultural interest, and 62 are historical sites.
According to the department’s statistics for 2018, the province has 11 hotels, 63 resorts and guesthouses, 125 restaurants and one entertainment venue. Huaphan province is located in the north of Laos and is about 600km from Vientiane. You can reach Huaphan by bus or plane.
More information about the province’s special attractions can be obtained online via www.tourismlaos.org or from the Huaphan provincial Information, Culture and Tourism Department on 064 312 567.

By Siladda Souliyong
(Latest Update May 3, 2019)

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