30 April 2021

68 more cases of Covid-19 confirmed


- Taskforce orders tougher action to curb escalating Covid outbreak
The National Taskforce for Covid-19 Prevention and Control has told its provincial bodies to intensify action to contain the Covid-19 outbreak, which is spreading rapidly. .....More >>>

- PM’s Office receives 1.25 billion kip for Covid response
The Prime Minister’s Office has received 1.25 billion kip from five donors to support efforts to tackle the Covid-19 outbreak. The donations were presented to the Office on Wednesday and handed over to Deputy Prime Minister and .....More >>>

- 68 more cases of Covid-19 confirmed
It is possible that the number of new cases of Covid-19 in Vientiane next month could increase to 2,000 if people do not curb travel and do not stay at home, according to an evaluation of the situation by the World Health Organisation (WHO). .....More >>>

- MARUHAN Japan Bank Lao contributes to medical frontliners, launches MJBL Covid Vira-Bu-Loud (Heroes) Fund
In light of the Covid-19 outbreak in Laos, MARUHAN Japan Bank Lao Co., Ltd. (“MJBL”) ......More >>>

Counter: 07 January 2021

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- Police close internet cafes after violation of lockdown rules
Police are carrying out checks on internet cafés after finding more than 10 in Vientiane that had remained open in violation of the lockdown rules. Economic police from the Vientiane Public Security Headquarters last week carried out checks in Sikhottabong, Sisattanak, Chanthaboury and Xaythany districts to determine whether internet cafes were closed as required under Covid-19-related restrictions. ....More >>>

Thunderstorms, rain forecast countrywide
Temperatures will drop in many provinces, while many areas of the country can expect thunderstorms accompanied by light rain from April 28 to May 4, according to the latest forecast from the Meteorology and Hydrology Department. The northeast will have light rain and thunderstorms from April 28-30 in Phongsaly, Huaphan and Xieng Khuang provinces, while on May 4 thunderstorms will occur in Phongsaly and Huaphan. Temperatures will range from 14-30 degrees Celsius. ....More >>>

- Shortage of PPE kits for hospital staff
With the number of COVID-19 infections on the rise, Lao hospitals urgently need more Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits to keep their staff safe. At the start of the pandemic, the government had provided the essential medical supplies to the hospital staff. However, the demand for PPE kits has shot up in the last few months, a senior official from the National Taskforce for COVID-19 Prevention and Control has confirmed. ....More >>>

- Farmers ask authorities for help during lockdown
Crop growers are asking the government to provide more assistance for the distribution of produce amid curbs on transport during the lockdown. With all provinces now in lockdown to curb the spread of Covid-19, farmers are struggling to get their produce to consumers. Traders are no longer able to visit farms to buy vegetables, meaning farmers are earning less for their vegetables. Last month, cabbages could be sold for 35,000 kip per 12kg but now fetch only 20,000 kip per 12kg. ...More >>>

Pakngum police arrest Thai man for illegal entry into Laos
Police in Pakngum district, Vientiane, on Tuesday arrested a Thai national after he crossed the Mekong River at an illegal point of entry into Laos. Head of the Public Security Office in Pakngum district, Lieutenant Colonel Bounsichanh Vongkhamdy, told Vientiane Times on Thursday that on April 27 police found that the man had taken a boat across the river from Phon Phisai district in Nong Khai province to Bandontai village in Pakngum district. .....More >>>






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Economics taskforce evaluates impacts of Covid-19
A special economics taskforce set up by the government met on Wednesday ... More >>>

Lao pop star writes song to spur fight against Covid-19
Following the recent outbreak of Covid-19 in Laos, local entertainers have ...More >>>

Village chiefs to reduce maternal deaths
Mr Khamsai Sanasom is 47 years old and lives in Huayhiew village with his wife and two children. He is the village ...More >>>

China launches space station core module Tianhe
WENCHANG (Xinhua) -- China on Thursday sent into space the core ... More >>>

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How can we respond to appeals for help during the Covid-19 outbreak?
Everyone needs to pull together to ensure that we get through this crisis as ....More >>>

Phoutthaxay turns down contract with Nakhon Pathom
Lao footballer Phoutthaxay Khochaleun will not sign up to play for Nakhon...More >>>

A new holiday gem awaits in Vangvieng
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A representative of Phongsapthavy Road, Housing and Irrigation Sole Ltd., Mr Somlath Mekakath, ....More >>>