21 September 2021

Vientiane orders closure of non-essential goods shops, supermarkets


Counter: 07 January 2021

Public announcement

The Vientiane Times’ Editors Board would like to inform all readers that we will not publish a hard copy of the newspaper during the lockdown in Vientiane from September 22-30. The lockdown has been imposed to reinforce the Covid control measures laid down by the Prime Minister’s Office on September 19. 
We will produce e-newspaper (PDF) and also regularly produce online news reports in Lao and English on our websites www.vientianetimes.org.la and www.vientianetimeslao.la, as well as on Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/vientianetimesonline; https://www.facebook.com/vientianetimeslao and YouTube.
Readers can catch up with the latest news through our PDF, websites, Facebook page and YouTube page. We will inform you after September 30 if there is any change in the orders issued by the government.
Together we will survive these difficult times in fighting Covid-19. Good luck and good health!


- City authorities impose travel restrictions as lockdown tightens
Police and security authorities are placing strict controls on travel and many roads in the capital are now blocked off following new restrictions imposed as a result of the latest lockdown.. ..More >>>

- Laos highlights progress toward SDGs
Laos has made substantial progress in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) recommended by the United Stations, the deputy prime minister told an Asean meeting on Monday.....More >>>

- Vientiane orders closure of non-essential goods shops, supermarkets
Vientiane authorities have ordered shops and markets that sell items that are not absolutely essential to close until September 30, as an additional measure to contain the Covid-19 outbreak. The capital’s Department of Industry and Commerce has issued an instruction on the closure of retail outlets, which comes into force today (Monday).
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Covid-19 impacts HIV care in Laos
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- More than two million doses of Covid vaccine to arrive this year
Laos will receive another 2,434,580 doses of Covid-19 vaccine from the Chinese and Australian governments as well as the private sector this year, a senior government official has said.  ....More >>>

- Schoolchildren back at their desks in many provinces
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- City speeds up Covid contact tracing
Vientiane authorities are working to track down people who have come into contact with others known to have contracted Covid, in a bid to slow the spread of the virus following a sharp spike in locally-transmitted cases. ...More >>>

- Delta plus Covid variant spreading in Vientiane
New Covid clusters are rapidly emerging as the highly infectious Delta plus variant of the virus spreads beyond central Vientiane. The spread of this variant has forced the government to reimpose stringent virus control measures such as night-time curfews and business closures. ...More >>>

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