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Party orders probe into cause of mass Covid outbreak

The Lao People’s Revolutionary Party has told the government to investigate and determine the root cause of the mass outbreak of Covid-19 in Vientiane.
The city has seen a sharp surge in Covid infections after numerous cases occurred in several factories, causing the virus to spread further among the general public.
City authorities have imposed a full lockdown from September 19-30 but are struggling to impose controls.
The lockdown was announced a few days after at least 430 people tested positive for Covid at Alpilao – a garment factory in Nongtha Neua village, Chanthabouly district. The Party’s Administrative Office met on September 20 to discuss measures to cope with the outbreak and resolved that an investigation be carried out to determine the precise cause.
In a notice issued on September 22, the Party’s Administrative Office instructed the government to work with the relevant sectors to investigate and determine the root cause of the outbreak and the responsibilities of the business operators involved.
It also ordered the closure of all factories except for those producing medicines and medical equipment.
President of the Association of Lao Garment Industry (ALGI), Mr Xaybandith Rasphone, dismissed a claim circulated on social media which alleged that the virus outbreak at the Alpilao factory originated from a Lao mechanic who contracted the virus from two Thai mechanics brought in by another factory, who did not undergo quarantine. 
Posts on social media alleged that the Lao mechanic met with the two Thais after work, who later tested positive for Covid as did the Lao mechanic.  
Mr Xaybandith claimed that one of the Thai men had been living in Laos for eight years and the other for two years, so they had not recently arrived in Laos.
“The two men have not returned to their home country since the start of the Covid outbreak in Laos,” he told Lao National Radio, which posted the quote on its Facebook page on September 24.
He dismissed the earlier posts on social media as groundless.
Hundreds of Covid cases were also reported at the Trio garment factory and dozens more at the Venture garment factory.
To protect the general public against the virus, the Party’s Administrative Office has instructed the government to accelerate the vaccination programme.
Authorities were told to prepare more quarantine and treatment centres to handle the growing number of cases.
As of September 26, a total of 21,819 cases had been recorded in Laos, including 292 new cases confirmed on that day. Sixteen people are known to have died from the virus.  
The Party told authorities in charge to set aside an adequate budget for the procurement of medical supplies, vaccines, medicines, Covid test kits and other essentials. 
The government was told to take steps to regulate the price of goods in local markets to prevent unreasonable price hikes. They were also asked to keep currency exchange rates and inflation under control.

By Souksakhone Vaenkeo
  (Latest Update September 26, 2021)


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