8 September 2020

Luxembourg backs building Borikhamxay’s 4 new schools


- PM advises Luang Prabang on election of Party committee
Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith has stressed the need for more young people to become successors to the current Party leadership and help guide the country’s development. Mr Thongloun made the point when talking to leaders and members of the local Party committee in Luang Prabang province on September 7 at a meeting to canvass for new Party personnel..
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- Champassak to focus on agricultural production
Champassak provincial authorities have pledged to promote and strengthen agricultural production to take advantage of growing domestic demand as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak. Deputy Governor of Champassak, Mr Malaithong Kommasith, told local media recently that Covid-19 has had a major negative impact on the local ...More >>>

- Luxembourg backs building Borikhamxay’s 4 new schools
The government of Luxembourg has granted financial support for the construction of three upper secondary schools and a primary school in Viengthong district of Borikhamxay province. A signing ceremony to construct the schools was held on Friday between the district’s Education and Sports Office and four local construction companies.
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- Korean foundation reaffirms support for maternal and child health
The Korea Foundation for International Healthcare (KOFIH) will continue supporting maternal and child health in target provinces of Laos as part of plans for more local communities to access medical services. ...More >>>

- Champassak police net huge drug haul
Champassak provincial police on Sunday evening intercepted a shipment of drugs in Khong district, leading to the arrest of three men and the seizure of 60kg of crystal methamphetamine and over 80,000 amphetamine pills. ....More >>>

- Govt to add child poverty reduction to development agenda
The government will add child poverty reduction as the fifth plan under the 3rd National Plan of Action for Mothers and Children for 2021-2025. The inclusion of child poverty was reported during a consultation workshop with development partners on the draft of the 3rd National Plan of Action for Mothers and Children. The meeting took place in Vientiane on Friday and was attended by representatives of ministries, international organisations, and related groups.....More >>>

- Govt expands access to education but illiteracy persists
The government has made it easier for children and young people to get an education in a bid to eliminate illiteracy, but some people are still unable to read and write. Last academic year about 4 percent of children were unable to continue with their education and abandoned their studies after finishing primary school... ..More >>>

- Confucius Institute postpones enrolment until February
The Confucius Institute at the National University of Laos (NUOL) will not be admitting students at the start of the academic year in October as planned for several reasons... ..More >>>

- China's trade financing sector maintains solid momentum Trade financing in China has maintained a sound growth momentum despite a ...More >>>

- Only by curbing biodiversity loss can we ensure human survival A profusion of globeflowers (Trollius farreri) and Yajiang primroses ...More >>>

- Stories worth recording As a documentary veteran who has worked at Foshan TV ...More >>>

- Craftsmen put their hearts to Shoujiang silverware shop Editor’s note: Cun Songtao is good at making silverwares and ...More >>>

- Southwest China's Yunnan cleared of locust swarms Southwest China's Yunnan Province has been cleared of locust swarms that..More >>>





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Government issues additional batch of bonds for trading at LSX
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Lao singer to donate to the disadvantaged
 A Lao folk singer from TK Soundlao, Mr Tonkhoun Sounakane, will be donating to the disadvantaged people in Vientiane.  ....More >>>

Lao national park set to become model of environmental protection
More than half of Laos is covered by forests that contain a large variety of trees and a rich. . .
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