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Champassak cancels entry fees at two tourist sites 

Visitors to Khonphapheng waterfall and the nearby Somphamit Waterfall Park in Khong district, Champassak province, can now enter these areas free of charge.
The province’s administration office instructed the Ying Sokxay Company to end the sale of tickets to view the waterfall and enter Somphamit Waterfall Park beginning on January 23.
The office authorised Khong district to manage the two locations beginning on January 23 and instructed Khong district to discontinue the lease with the Ying Sokxay Company.
Ying Sokxay was also ordered to end its operation of the Salaxsomview restaurant at Khonephapheng waterfall.
An official working for the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism in Champassak province, Ms Phaenkham Saengkeovongphachan, told Vientiane Times that the cost of a ticket at the Khonephapheng waterfall was 5,000 kip for a Lao national and 20,000 kip for entry, bringing in a vehicle, and toilet use. Foreigners were charged 35,000 kip per person and 55,000 kip for entry, bringing in a vehicle, and toilet use.
“The price of a ticket at the Somphamit Waterfall Park is 5,000 kip for a Lao national and 35,000 kip for foreigners,” she added.
The reason for the suspension of entry fees was not made available.
Khonephapheng is one of Laos’ most popular tourist attractions and is a spectacular sight. It is the largest waterfall by water volume in South-east Asia. Due to its great power and steep descent, the waterfall renders this area of the Mekong unnavigable, before flowing peacefully south into Cambodia and Vietnam.
Champassak is well endowed with places of interest for the visitor, both nature-based and historical. No one should miss a visit to this scenic region during their stay in Laos.
The province has 216 officially designated tourist sites, including 116 natural, 60 cultural and 40 historical places of interest, but only 20 have any visitor facilities.
Among the natural wonders are Khonphapheng, Tad Fan, Somphamit Waterfall Park and Tad Yeuang waterfalls, with activities ranging from adventure treks and ziplining to rest and recuperation in the lap of nature.  Visitors can also enjoy produce from the Bolaven Plateau, including its famed coffee.
The annual Vat Phou festival will take place in the province next month with the opening ceremony scheduled for February 5.
Centred around the extensive temple ruins, the nine-day event will feature many interesting activities including a concert, parades by local residents, religious ceremonies and an exhibition of local products.

By Viengdavanh Banphahaksa
(Latest Update January 28, 2020)

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