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Conflict over power generation in 3 dams ruled out

The three dams that have been built on the Kong River in Attapue province in southern Laos, close to Vietnam and Cambodia, will not lead to conflicts over power generation.
The Project Manager of Nam Kong 3 hydropower plant, Mr Thongsai Thammavong, told the local media at the construction site recently, that the dams are far apart.

These dams are called - the Nam Kong 1 hydropower plant, the Nam Kong 2 hydropower plant, and the Nam Kong 3 hydropower plant. Their constructions are almost complete.
“There is no problem with water because we use it together, meaning it flows through dam 3, then through dam 2, and through dam 1 to generate electricity,” he said.
According to the Ministry of Energy and Mines, Vietnam is keen to import more electricity from Laos to address its projected energy shortages.
From now until 2025, Vietnam will purchase 3,000MW of electricity from Laos at a price of $6.95 per kWh. It is expected that the amount of electricity sold to Vietnam will rise to 5,000MW between 2026 and 2030, with the price to be re-determined.
Mr Thongsai said the three dams will also sell electricity to Vietnam.
Nam Kong 3 hydropower plant will have an installed capacity of 54MW, which will begin to export electricity to Vietnam in the middle of next month, including from dam 1.
Numerous hydropower dams are being built in Laos, with a target of 100 dams to be constructed by 2030.
Laos currently has 78 hydropower plants with a combined installed capacity of 9,972 MW in operation, which greatly exceeds domestic consumption needs.
There is also a coal-fired power plant, four biomass projects, and six solar power plants.
Electricity is one of Laos’ main income earners, especially through sales to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar.


By Khonesavanh Latsaphao
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