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Medics retesting recovered virus patients to ease public concerns

Health authorities have announced that nine patients recuperating from COVID-19 need to return to hospital for retesting after 14 days in a move to reassure the public.
The retesting aims to allay public concerns after Laos’ first case of a recovered COVID-19 patient testing positive from virus fragments.
As the virus is new to medical science, the recovering COVID-19 patients need to return to hospital after 14 days for mandatory testing according to healthcare guidelines.

Director of Mittaphab Hospital, Dr Sanong Thongsana told the daily COVID-19 news briefing recently they were advising recovering virus cases to return to hospital for retesting as a precautionary measure to protect patients and bolster public confidence. 
“When COVID-19 patients twice test negative for the virus, they are not infected. If they are recovering and retest positive, it is only the remaining virus fragments causing the positive results,” he said.
Several other countries, including the Republic of Korea, have recorded similar cases where recovered COVID-19 patients tested positive from virus fragments.
Health officials might use antibody testing to check for asymptomatic cases, and scientific data on COVID-19 patients to date suggests they should self-quarantine at home to help stop a second wave of the outbreak occurring, he added.
At present, the hospital allowed the patients to go home on the condition they would observe self-quarantine measures and follow medical advice on taking medications, resting, and diet while minimising contact with family members, Dr Sanong explained.
Recovering patients are advised to get plenty of rest and stay hydrated by drinking water or herbal tea, but not caffeinated or alcoholic drinks.
Other recommendations include consuming foods like soups with lots of liquid, taking over-the-counter medications to manage symptoms, following healthcare provider instructions and seeking immediate medical attention if symptoms get worse after returning home.

By Phetphoxay Sengpaseuth
(Latest Update May 7, 2020)

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